Jean (Douglass) Lauderdale remembers her days at PHS with a substantial gift

Remembering her high school

Jean (Douglass) Lauderdale, who graduated from Postville High School in 1946, has remembered PHS with a generous monetary gift. The money has been designated for the science department and is being used to purchase equipment that might not other wise be affordable.

Jean (Douglass) Lauderdale, a 1946 graduate of Postville High School, has never forgotten her hometown far less her alma mater. Although she has not lived in Postville since she was a young woman, Jean has visited Postville often and has attended the alumni banquet whenever possible. This past August she took her love for her high school to another level.

In reaching out to High School Principal Brendan Knudtson in August she said, “As a 1946 graduate of PHS, I am frequently asked to donate to Cornell College (Class of 1950) and the University of Maryland where I received my Master’s Degree. Recently, I have come to think that my high school is also very deserving and probably needs it more than either of these colleges. I am sending you a check that I hope will go for science equipment as I remember there wasn’t much when I was in high school. However, use the money wherever you think best.”

Shortly, after receiving the note the school received a $10,000 check from Mrs. Lauderdale, and, indeed, the money is being put to good use. Mr. Knudtson explained, “We just did a complete remodel of the science rooms and, as a former science teacher, I’m making sure it (the money) is used in the best way possible. 

Mr. Knudtson invites Postville residents to stop in the high school and visit the science rooms. Teachers and students will be happy to showcase the new equipment they were able to purchase with Mrs. Lauderdale’s gift.

Read the full article in the September 27 edition of the Postville Herald.